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The Other Woman

Thursday, April 24th, 2014


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (2 People gave this 4.00 out of 5)


Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) has a fabulous life. She lives in a posh apartment in New York City, is a successful attorney, and has a new love, Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Unfortunately Mark is married, a fact that he conveniently “forgets” to tell Carly. When Mark cancels plans to meet Carly’s father Frank (Don Johnson), they have their first fight. Frank convinces Carly to go make up with Mark, so Carly goes to his house in Connecticut, where she meets Mark’s wife, Kate (Leslie Mann). Awkward!! Carly thinks quickly, makes up a story, and escapes as quickly as she can.

Too bad Kate plays Nancy Drew and tracks Carly down. She confronts her at her office and accuses her of being her husband’s mistress. However, since Carly doesn’t know Mark was married, she takes offense to being called a mistress and tells Kate to leave. Kate doesn’t give up easily though, and she basically forces herself into Carly’s life. Carly tells Kate she wants nothing to do with Mark anymore, but the girls form a weird kind of friendship.

Soon, Kate overhears Mark on the phone and gets suspicious. Carly swears she’s had nothing to do with Mark lately, so the duo decide to follow Mark when he leaves for his next “business trip.” There they meet Amber (Kate Upton). Amber is everything Kate and Carly aren’t – young, with perfect body, and, let’s call it, gullible. Mark told her that he was in the midst of divorcing Kate, but she knew nothing about Carly. However, once she meets Kate and Carly, it doesn’t take much to convince her to join “The Other Woman” club (see what I did there??)

So, the oddest trio of friends decide to team up and get revenge on Mark. The things they do to this man, oh my!! But Mark is no prince, and he deserves what he gets. Especially what happens at the end!!

Leslie Mann gave a fantastic performance as slightly manic Kate. She really had a lot of funny lines and played really well against Cameron Diaz, who was sparkling, as always. Kate Upton and her two jiggly breasts did their best, but acting doesn’t really seem to be her thing. She did a decent job though. Nicki Minaj played Carly’s admin assistant, and I was shocked to see her looking…well, normal!! She looked pretty, but her acting was, sadly, sub-par. Taylor Kinney as Phil, Kate’s brother, was a nice counter to douchebag Mark’s character. He was sweet and friendly to the girls, especially Carly. And playing the scumbag Mark, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did a fine job. It was nice to see him with two hands for a change!

I know a lot of people are calling this movie sexist and stupid. Well newsflash – sometimes, it’s just plain fun to get lost in a silly movie. That’s what this was. Not every movie is an Oscar nominee. In fact, there are a lot of Oscar nominated movies that I have no desire to watch, ever. I would rather see The Other Woman again instead of some other “critically acclaimed” films.

Overall, this is a great chick flick movie, and way better than what you would find on Lifetime.


Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (4 People gave this 4.25 out of 5)


Frozen is the latest Disney animated masterpiece. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” Frozen tells the tale of sisters Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell), who live in the kingdom of Arendelle (which looks a lot like the Norway pavilion at EPCOT) with their parents, the King and Queen. Elsa was born with a special power – she has the ability to create snow and ice from her hands (kind of like a frost mage in World of Warcraft). Anna, on the other hand, has no powers of her own.

One evening, while they were young, the girls were playing in the castle’s ballroom. Elsa was creating snow and the girls were having fun, building a snowman and playing, until Elsa accidentally blasted Anna in the head with a bolt of ice and she became unconscious. As a result of the blast, she sprouted a white streak in her hair. The King and Queen brought the girls to the forest to seek out the help of the forest trolls, who were able to save Anna. They advised them that to protect Anna, the girls should be separated, Anna’s memories of Elsa’s power erased, and Elsa’s power should be suppressed.

The girls grow up the castle, living separate, lonely lives. Anna yearns to play with her sister like they used to, but Elsa is afraid of her powers, and she doesn’t want to hurt her sister again. Elsa pretty much stays in her room, wearing gloves to keep her magic under control. Of course, this is a Disney movie, and the King and Queen die, leaving the girls alone. By this point, they are a little older so it’s not as terrible as, for example, Mufasa being murdered while Simba was a young cub.

A few years later, it’s the day of Elsa’s coronation. For the first time in years, the castle gates are going to be opened, there will be a grand party, and Elsa will officially be the Queen of Arendelle. Anna is very excited, as she’s also been shut away in the castle and she will get to interact with people once more. During the party, they meet the Duke of Weselton (Alan Tudyk). Although it’s pronounced like Wezelton, it keeps being mispronounced like Weaselton, which is funny because the Duke of Weselton desperately wants to form an alliance with Arendelle, but for his own selfish reasons. We also meet Hans (Santino Fontana), a prince from a nearby country. Hans has twelve brothers and he is looking for love in Arendelle.

When he and Anna meet, it is love at first sight. They sing a song together, then promptly decide to get married. When they seek Elsa’s blessing for their marriage, Elsa freaks out and her powers are revealed to everyone. She then accidentally creates a magical, eternal winter over the kingdom, then she takes off for the mountains, leaving a plethora of ice and snow in her wake. Even the fjords are frozen, so everyone that came for the coronation is stuck there. Once in the mountains, Elsa is now finally free to embrace her powers. She creates her own castle made of ice, which was really beautiful.

Back in the kingdom, Anna decides to set out to find Elsa and bring her back to undo what she’s done. She reluctantly leaves Hans and heads towards the mountains. Along the way, Anna meets Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), a mountain man who sells ice for a living, and his reindeer Sven. Since the kingdom is now frozen, making the demand for ice pretty much non-existent, Kristoff agrees to help Anna with her mission. Shortly after they set out, they meet Olaf (Josh Gad), a magical, friendly snowman who like warm hugs. If you don’t fall in love with Olaf, then maybe you have ice in your heart. He was hilarious and fun. He was also a little confused, as he was excited to experience summer. A snowman in summer?? How would that work?? You have to wait and see!!

Will Anna be successful in her mission?? Or will it be forever winter in Arendelle?? You will have to watch Frozen to find out!!!

I noticed that there was no typical Disney villain in this movie. There were a few antagonists, but nobody nearly as evil as Maleficent, Jafar, or Ursula. It seemed like they were trying to make Elsa the villain, but she wasn’t really bad. She just had no control of her magic and was afraid of hurting her sister again. It made me sad that these girls were sisters, but they were more like strangers. Your sister is your built-in best friend, but Elsa and Anna weren’t able to have an actual sisterly relationship while they were growing up.

As usual, Disney does not disappoint, between the excellent songs, the amazing animation, and the great story. I took my sister to the screening ,in 3D, which made the snowflakes come alive. Make sure you get there on time. There is a very cool vintage-style Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Get a Horse,” before the movie. And stay tuned for a cute scene after the credits.

We’re the Millers

Thursday, August 8th, 2013


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We' re the Millers

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a professional pot dealer.  He has many clients, and he sells only the best stuff.  His business is home-based, and he is pretty content with his life.  However, this professional pot dealer has a soft side.  He’s sociable with Will Poulter (Kenny Rossmore) the lonely 18-year old boy who lives downstairs from him.  When David and Will see a group of guys harassing a homeless girl, Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts), they come to the rescue.  Unfortunately, his good deed backfires on him when the harassing guys rob him of all his money and his product.  Double unfortunate, he owes his boss Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) a lot of money.  To settle the debt, Brad gives him a job – bring back “just a smidge” of product from Mexico, and the debt will be forgiven.

David doesn’t know how to complete this monumental task without getting caught…until he notices a lost family in their RV getting help from a polite and friendly police officer.  Bingo – he needs to assemble people into a fake family, rent an RV, and travel from Mexico across the border with his bounty.  In addition to Will and Casey, he recruits Rose O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper who lives down the hall from David.  David and Rose do not get along, so it’s not all peaches and cream for this “family.”

Once they arrive in Mexico, they obtain their loot and head back across the border to their final destination, Denver, in an RV chock-full of marijuana (apparently, this is “just a smidge” to Brad).  Of course, nothing goes their way, and they hit various obstacles all along the way, including one super-friendly, super-repressed couple, Don and Edie Fitzgerald (Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn) and their daughter Melissa (Molly Quinn).

When they are forced to spend a night camping with the Fitzgeralds, some crazy stuff happens, some of it involving Edie and Rose, some of it involving David and Don, and hilarity ensues when Casey offers to help Will practice kissing, which Rose soon joins in on as David watches.  Yeah, that happens.

Along the way, someone ends up in the hospital after a particularly gruesome spider bite in a VERY uncomfortable area, the “family” is chased by a notorious drug lord, and Rose shows off her stuff to get the family out of a jam.  Since I always see Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on “Friends”, her stripper scenes did nothing for me but others may enjoy.

Overall “We’re the Millers” was sometimes predictable, sometimes original, and always outrageous.  Although it was quite funny and humorous complications ensued, I thought the film went on a bit too long.  With a running time of nearly two hours, it was long for a comedy.  Even though it was a story of a family, this movie is NOT family-friendly.  Leave the kids at home for this one.  Be sure to stick around before and during the credits for some outtakes.  One in particular was delightful and a real blast from the past!!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (2 People gave this 3.00 out of 5)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

When we last left Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman), he had rescued his mother from the clutches of Hades and returned Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt to Mount Olympus.  It was an epic quest, one that brought him and his friends Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) and Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) across the United States, down to the Underworld, and up to Mount Olympus.  Now he was ready to face life as a half-mortal, son of Poseidon.

Unfortunately, since that epic quest, Percy has been having a bit of a hard time.  He is constantly being beaten at events at Camp Half-Blood by newcomer Clarisse (Leven Rambin – she was Glimmer in “The Hunger Games”).  Clarisse is a mean girl, but she is a good competitor.  She takes great pride in always one-upping Percy and his friends.

Also new to this installment is Mr. D (or Dionysus) (Stanley Tucci – awesome, as always.  He was in “The Hunger Games” too!!).  Chiron is back, but instead of being played by Pierce Brosnan, he is played by Anthony Head (Giles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”).  Mr. D and Chiron are the voices of wisdom for the half-mortals at Camp Half-Blood.

We learn via flashbacks the origin of the magical barrier that encloses Camp Half-Blood and protects the half-mortals and their mentors.  Surprisingly, one creature is able to penetrate the barrier – a Cyclops named Tyson (Douglas Smith).  It turns out that Tyson is Percy’s half-brother, as he is also a son of Poseidon.  Until this point, Percy thought he was the only son of Poseidon, but it seems that Poseidon had a dalliance with a wood nymph, and thus came Tyson.  Tyson is a nice Cyclops.  He always means well, but he’s kind of a clutz.  He’s thrilled to meet Percy, but the feeling isn’t exactly mutual.  Percy isn’t outright mean to Tyson, but he’s also not very brotherly.

When a giant mythological mechanical bull breaks through the protective barrier and basically wrecks the camp, it’s revealed that Luke (Jake Abel) is behind the destruction.  He’s also recruited other fellow half-mortals to join his evil group.  Since the barrier is dying, Annabeth discovers that there exists a magical golden fleece, which has the power to heal anything.  Mr. D selects Clarisse for the quest, and she is off with another satyr to save the day.

Of course, Percy can’t just sit still, knowing that Luke is out there being evil.  He also learns of a prophecy that may or may not involve him either saving or destroying Mount Olympus.  So he, along with Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson set off on their own quest to find the golden fleece.  Annabeth summons transportation, courtesy of the Gray Sisters (Mary Birdsong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Missi Pyle), who all share one eyeball and know about the future.  After a crazy taxi ride, reminiscent of the Knight Bus from the third “Harry Potter” film, the group arrives in Washington D.C.  Grover is then promptly captured by some of Luke’s goons, making this quest even more important.  It seems that Luke knows where Percy and his crew are heading, and he wants the golden fleece to resurrect Kronos.

The trio then head to UPS, where Luke’s father Hermes (Nathan Fillion) is genuinely concerned for his son.  He gives the group a few magical objects to help with their quest, and then they are on their way to the sea of monsters.  Along the way, of course craziness ensues.  It was definitely a fun ride.  When the group finally makes it to the abandoned amusement park where Circe, the Cyclops who has the golden fleece, lives, things get a lot hairier.

I thought the filmmakers did a fantastic job blending ancient Greek mythology with modern times.   The use of Fall Out Boy’s song “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” while the half-mortals participated in a physical endurance competition was a good choice.  “Percy Jackson” is a solid fantasy flick, along the lines of the “Harry Potter” series.  Since this one left it wide open, I really hope this series continues!!

Despicable Me 2

Friday, July 12th, 2013


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (1 People gave this 5.00 out of 5)


I’m not going to lie – I’m a Disney/Pixar snob.  If you read my reviews of recent animated Disney or Pixar movies, they are pretty much flawless.  There are other animated movies from other studios that just don’t reach the caliber of a Disney/Pixar animated feature, with few exceptions.  One exception is the “Shrek” series.  Another exception is the “Despicable Me” series.  What is it about the “Despicable Me” films that make them so great??  Is it Gru, the super-villian turned super-dad??  Is it his three adorable adopted daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes??  Or is it the minions??

“Despicable Me 2” takes place after the events of “Despicable Me”.  Gru (Steve Carell) is no longer a super-villian.  He has gone from stealing the moon and various other landmarks (mostly from Vegas) to being a legitimate business man, creating his own line of jellies and jams.  His adopted daughters, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher) are settled into their home.  Everything is going well for the family, until Doctor Nefario (Russell Brand) decides that making jelly is not going to cut it and he needs evil in his life, so he quits working for Gru to pursue a new endeavor.

Soon after, Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League (AVL for short).  One of their agents, Lucy (Kristen Wiig, who voiced a minor character in “Despicable Me” and is back for the sequel playing a new role), kidnaps Gru and takes him to the AVL’s underground lair.  Since he is a former super-villain, the AVL thinks he is ideal to help track down a stolen serum, PX-41, which turns animals and people into super strong killing machines (kind of like in “Captain America”, only eviler).  Along with his new partner Lucy, Gru goes undercover at a local mall, where traces of the serum were found.  While “working” at their cupcake shop, Gru and Lucy don’t really get along.  Gru thinks Lucy is annoying and Lucy is kind of a know-it-all.  They encounter a few suspects, fellow store owners at the mall, including Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt), a Mexican food restaurant owner who owns a pretty angry chicken.

Meanwhile, minions are being kidnapped (minion-napped??) at a rapid rate.  As always, minion scenes are awesome.  Even though they speak their own minion language, you can pretty much tell what’s going on.  My only complaint is that I wish they would show subtitles to translate minion-speak.  I think that would make it even better.  It’s funny to see these creatures working, playing, partying, and even cleaning Gru’s house like a normal person would!!

Mixed in with all of the undercover spy excitement, the girls and Gru’s neighbor are all convinced that he needs to meet a woman.  The girls attempt to create an online dating profile for Gru, and his neighbor sets him up on a disastrous date.  There is one good thing that comes out of the date though.  Missing from the first movie but present in this sequel is an element of romance for perpetually single Gru.

Chock-full of jokes and rousing musical numbers by the minions, “Despicable Me 2” is fun for the whole family.  Minions rule!!

The Heat

Thursday, June 27th, 2013


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (1 People gave this 4.00 out of 5)

The Heat

When I first saw previews for this movie, I thought it was another Miss Congeniality sequel, since Sandra Bullock was again playing an FBI agent.  I also wondered if this movie took place in the same universe as White Chicks, because Marlon Wayans again plays an FBI agent.  However, it’s not affiliated with either of those previous movies.  The Heat is a different take on the buddy-cop movie, since the cops in this one are females, who, of course, don’t get along.

Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a New York FBI agent.  She is a fantastic agent, but she’s also a snarky know-it all who is not very popular with her peers.  Sarah has a pretty sad life.  She “borrows” her neighbor’s cat to snuggle with.  She doesn’t have any friends, and whenever she approaches one of her co-workers, they are visibly annoyed (cue the eye roll).  When she is up for a possible promotion, her boss (Demián Bichir) sends her to Boston on a high-profile case, to catch a drug lord who has a penchant for cutting people into pieces to send a message.  Sarah’s new boss in Boston is Levy (Wayans) who just might have a thing for Sarah.

Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) is a Boston cop.  She has a feisty temper, and a very interesting way of dealing with a man she arrests for soliciting prostitution.  She doesn’t really get along with her boss, Captain Woods (Thomas F. Wilson – Biff Tannen, ya’ll!!).  In fact, she spends a lot of time “looking for his balls” (hilarious).  Shannon is part of a big Irish family, but they don’t care for her, because she put her brother Jason (Michael Rapaport) in jail.  (side note – Joey McIntyre plays another one of her brothers.  Joey from NKOTB!!  OMG!!!).  When Jason is released from jail, Shannon is worried that he will go back to his old, drug-dealing ways, and get mixed-up with Larkin (the aforementioned drug kingpin that the women are looking for).

There are several outrageous scenes in The Heat.  As the girls are investigating their case, they have to interrogate witnesses, go undercover, and even run into an albino DEA agent, Craig (Dan Bakkedahl) and his partner Adam (Taran Killam) who do NOT want to share this case with them.  Both women are great at their jobs, but they have to find a way to work together to save the day.

Bullock and McCarthy are fantastic together.  They really played well off each other.  I would definitely like to see this duo in future comedies!!  The movie did run a little long (almost two hours), but overall, The Heat is a hilariously funny tale about, more than anything else, family.  This one is R-rated, so do yourselves a favor and leave the kiddies at home.

Monsters University

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (1 People gave this 4.00 out of 5)


Have you ever wondered how Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc met?  Did you ever ponder what it would be like to attend college in the monster world?  Well wonder no more, Monsters University has arrived!

From the first time he experienced the Scare Floor at Monsters Incorporated, Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) wanted to be a Scarer.  During the Pixar monster universe’s version of elementary school, while on a school field trip, Mike and his class meet Frank McCay (John Krasinski) a top Scarer at Monsters Inc. Mike is enthralled with Frank.  Frank encourages Mike to follow his dream and even gives him his Monsters University baseball cap.  Frank is an alumnus of Monsters University, a college in the Pixar monster universe.

So Mike spends all of his time reading every book on scaring he can find, learning everything he can about being a Scarer.  When the time comes, following the advice of his hero Frank McCay, he enrolls at Monsters University.  Mike is ready to start his career as a Scarer!!  During his first days at school he meets Randall (Steve Buscemi) and of course, James P. Sullivan, better known as Sulley (John Goodman).

While Mike spends all his time studying, reading, and learning, Sulley would rather slack off.  His father is one of the greatest Scarers ever, so he is riding on his dad’s coattails (side note:  they never showed either Mike or Sulley’s parents in this movie.  In fact, they rarely talked about them except for Sulley’s dad).  Believe it or not, it is hate at first sight.  Mike and Sulley do not get along.  Mike can’t stand Sulley’s arrogance, and Mike’s earnestness and bookishness annoys Sulley.

Right away, Sulley pledges the top fraternity on campus, Roar Omega Roar.  Mike doesn’t have time for fraternities because he is too busy studying how to be a Scarer!!  Unfortunately, despite all of Mike’s studying and Sulley’s father’s legacy, the monsters are kicked out of the School of Scaring by the Dean of the school, Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), a former top Scarer.  Mike is devastated; he’s worked towards being a Scarer his whole life.

Now enrolled in classes learning about canister making, Sulley and Mike are bored out of their monster minds.  That is until Mike remembers a flyer that he picked up at the beginning of the school year – a flyer for the Scare Games.  Mike finds a fraternity of misfit monsters who live in a house off-campus.  Oozma Kappa is unofficially led by Squishy (Peter Sohn) an awkward, somewhat nerdy monster, and includes Don (Joel Murray) an older gentlemonster who was a former salesman that was let go from his job and decided to attend the university, Terri (Sean Hayes) and Terry (Dave Foley), a two-headed monster who is constantly arguing…with himself, and last but not least, Art (Charlie Day), a purple, furry, hippie-like monster.  Since they need six monsters to form a team, Sulley decides to join their fraternity (he was booted from Roar Omega Roar after he was kicked out of the School of Scaring).

Mike makes a deal with Dean Hardscrabble – if Oozma Kappa wins the Scare Games, he and Sulley can rejoin the School of Scaring.  Along with their new fraternity brothers, Mike and Sulley prepare for the Scare Games, which has events that eliminate the losing sorority or fraternity after each event.

Will Oozma Kappa win the Scare Games??  What will happen to Mike and Sulley??  The answers to these questions and more are revealed in “Monsters University”!!

Basically, Monsters University was a clean, kid-friendly version of “Revenge of the Nerds”.  It was amazing to see how Pixar created this whole college world…for monsters.  Everything you would find on a human college campus, you can see at Monsters University.  I found myself constantly being amazed by both the animation (of course, it was Pixar!!) and the level of detail in each scene.  I loved the addition of the new monsters in the Oozma Kappa fraternity.  Stay tuned for a cute scene after the credits.

This is the End

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


It sucked!It'll be on cable.I liked it.It was good!It was awesome!! (2 People gave this 3.50 out of 5)

This is The End


In This is the End long-time friends Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen are having a boy’s weekend, smoking weed and playing video games.  Then Seth suggests they attend James Franco’s party at his new house.  Jay doesn’t really want to go, because he doesn’t like Seth’s newer friends (namely Jonah Hill) but he begrudgingly agrees to accompany Seth to James’s house.

When they get there, the party is in full swing.  Some of the party-goers in attendance are: Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Kevin Hart.  After a while, Jay decides to leave to go get cigarettes, and he convinces Seth to come.  While they are at the convenience store, all hell breaks loose.  Literally.  People start disappearing, fires are everywhere, cars are crashing into each other, it’s just chaos!!  When they arrive back at James’s, a giant hole has opened up in the yard and people are falling into it.  Eventually only James, Jay, Seth, Craig, and Jonah make it back to the house.  Once inside, they board up the windows, because they don’t know what is going on.  After taking stock of the food they have, they hunker down to wait it out.

The next morning, an uninvited party guest appears.  Danny McBride had been sleeping in one of the bathtubs.  He is obnoxious and gross, and he eats all of their food!!  So then the six guys are stuck in the boarded up house with little food to eat and not much to do.  They spend the time making low-budget sequels to some of their films, getting high, and drinking, among other things.

Is it the apocalypse??  A zombie apocalypse??  The rapture??  They don’t know, because they are trapped in James’s house with, among other things, one Milky Way bar that they all want but don’t want to share (Milky Way bars rule so I can feel their pain).  Of course, after being stuck together for so long, tension mounts and arguments happen.  Then someone gets raped by a demon and all hell REALLY breaks loose!!

I’m pretty sure the guys were mocking themselves in this movie.   It seemed like they had a lot of fun shooting this film, and I wonder how much of it was improvised.  Some parts were so funny, I missed some of the dialogue, because everyone in the theater was laughing so hard.  With a running time of 107 minutes, it did drag a bit.  I thought they could have made more montages to show the passage of time.  It was a fun ride though, you never know what to expect!!  Keep your eyes peeled for many celebrity cameos, including a popular 90’s boy band (although not the BEST one!!)

The Hangover Part III

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

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