David Limacher – Assistant Editor

David Limacher was born outside of Chicago Illinois in a time where Cinema was truly making a NEW and exciting name for itself. He’s worked in almost every field in the job market, but the one thing that remained the same in his life has been his love of movies. He realized at an early age how much he enjoyed sitting in a theater and escaping life in laughter, action, drama, and horror no matter the length of time from when the lights went down until the credits ran and the lights came back up. His love for movies covers all genres, and he is willing to give anything a chance.

His first movie experience he remembers vividly was seeing Return of the Jedi, when he was 5 years old, and thus his love affair with movies began. His favorite movies include the Original Star Wars Movies, Fight Club, The Blues Brothers, Fletch, and anything Quentin Tarrantino has ever directed. Amongst David’s love of movies is an angst of movies he doesn’t like, which he isn’t afraid to speak his mind about in as brutal a way as he can think of to get his point across.

David is looking forward to sharing his views with the iratefilms.com community, and hopes that everyone will enjoy his humor and his reviews in the present and future alike.

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