Deckers Beware! Street Samurais Unite!

the shield

The year is 2029, no, wait, it’s 2013 – but back in the early 1990s I played a little role-playing game called Shadowrun.  Maybe you have heard of it, but if you haven’t, it essentially fused the Dungeons and Dragons creatures with cbyer-tech . . . which at the time was only a growing mythology and not something absolutely on the horizon.  But, folks, I am here to tell you, minus the trolls and dwarves – and magic – we are very much in the Shadowrun world!  Corporations are bigger than governments, information is a commodity more than any gold, or silver, and protecting secrets is something we no longer may take for granted.

In Shadowrun, you had many different archetypes, but the most popular (and trickiest to play) were the Deckers.  These were characters that could hack into the Matrix and do cyber-espionage and all sorts of nasty things in the virtual realm.

What if I told you, right now, someone could walk by you, wave a magic RFID wand and steal your identity, your digital currency, and probably more importantly . . . your secrets!  Avid Union has put together a kickstarter project, which they have already more than surpassed, to develop Street Samurai gear that can protect you from Deckers.  I think I just had an out-of-body experience there, that last sentence could have come directly from a Shadowrun adventure, but it is here now!  Hey mom, I know what I want for Christmas – I want to be the first ACTUAL Street Samurai on my block!  BUY ME THIS!!!!


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