FDR: American Badass!

FDR: American Badass!

What kinda man was FDR? Whether he fought werewolves or not, Garret Brawith and history both agree…he was badass!

Thanks to Garret Brawith for directing FDR: American Badass!, which was released in September 2012. Now if you’re looking for some historically accurate information…this is not the movie to watch. I learned from this film that if you get bit by a werewolf you contract polio, a wheelchair with twin Gatling guns equals awesome and Barry Bostwick brings the badass as the man himself, FDR. Other greats bring talent to the table like Ray Wise as Douglas MacArthur, Paul Ben-Victor shows us a different side of Mussolini, Bruce Mc Gill as Louis, FDR’s friend and adviser, Lin Shaye is playing the lovely Eleanor Roosevelt and Kevin Sorbo shows us a very laid back Abraham Lincoln.

As much as I enjoyed this action/comedy, its crude humor (which is why I can never look at a flower vase the same way again) was sometimes a little much even for me. The sexual content, language, violence, drug use and brief nudity gets this film an R rating.

After 93 minutes a few of the jokes had gotten old. They did do a good job of mixing it up, hitting you with a new joke just before they beat the old one into the ground. This process seemed to work so they stuck with it. Also we’re talking about a simple storyline here folks. FDR: FDR in a wheelchair, Nazis: Nazis are werewolves that are trying to take over the world, Werewolves: give Polio when they bite you.

Will the Nazis win you ask? I’m not big on spoilers but it’s not called FDR: American Badass because it sounded cool. Well ok it does but you get my point.

As for the rating…bad sets, good cast, bad special effects, ok script. Then you remember Barry Bostwick is in it, brings this film up to a two stars rating. Everyone thank Barry for the hard work.

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