H-Man – Writer & “The Bin” Specialist

Was born in Omaha, Nebraska during the fifth month of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency. Currently divides his time between Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Vacations in such tourist traps as Beirut, Lebanon; Islamabad, Pakistan; and Dover, Delaware.

Hobbies include reading, writing, filmmaking, drinking, smoking, masturbating, breaking things with sledge hammers, shooting at skateboarders with BB guns, cussing out old ladies and young children, and torturing small animals.

Favorite film is “Blue Velvet”. Least favorite film is “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation”, followed closely by “House of the Dead“. Enjoys drugs, alcohol, and sex with women. Once slept for 28 hours straight.

Has met: Alexander Payne, Javier Bardem, David Cronenberg, Roger Ebert, Salma Hayek, Michael Badalucco, Lloyd Kaufman, and H.G. Lewis. Wants to meet: Eliza Dushku, Eva Green, Briana Evigan, Uma Thurman, Kevin Smith, Gordon Ramsey, and David Lynch.

Votes Libertarian, always. Thinks Keith Olbermann is a fucking arrogant ass turd. Thinks Bill O’Reilly is not much better. Wished he learned how to play a musical instrument as a child, instead of wasting hours upon hours on Nintendo.

Loves ripping into shitty movies and needs to use men’s room…

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  1. Halloween Scream List 2011 - South Florida Movie Reviews by I Rate Films Says:

    […] H-Man suggests the obvious, Halloween (1978) -Eerie, suspenseful thriller about (for the two of you who don’t know the story) a nice, quiet young man named Michael Meyers who breaks out of the loony bin and returns to his hometown on his favorite holiday to slice up some babysitters.  This is the one that pretty much started the slasher genre as we know it today and manages to be scary despite showing almost no blood.  With a terrific break out performance by Jamie Lee Curtis, taut direction by Carpenter, and a now iconic music score, it has more than earned its status as a horror classic, and is an absolute must watch on… erm… Halloween. […]