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There is a phrase used in the American TV-lexicon, maybe you have heard it before, to “jump the shark.”  This is when a show has outlived its welcome and the writers are desperately trying to come up with something “fresh” or “original” and what they come up with instead is Fonzi (Henry Winkler) jumping a shark on water-skis.  Because . . . well, at that point, the because hardly matters anymore.  It’s about that time that a spin-off series is discussed and a final episode is in the works.

If you catch this on bt fibre broadband Channel 4oD across the pond, or watch this on Showtime here in the states, you know where I am going with this. The first season of Homeland was incredible, the audience and Carrie and the CIA had no idea of the true nature of Brody and his conversion from dedicated US Marine sniper to a Muslim terrorist, hell bent on killing the Vice President in retaliation for a drone strike that killed an innocent before his eyes.

The first season builds to an incredible climax, and to the show’s credit, it reaches a satisfying conclusion.  And we were left in awe as Brody somehow escaped the ordeal unscathed, with the CIA none the wiser.  It suspended disbelief, to put it nicely.  But, there was a tangible reality to the final shot, so we let it slide.

Season two was all about Carrie proving she wasn’t nuts and trying to nab Abu Nazir.  While it tacked on a bit with the side story of Brody’s teenage daughter, that left me wanting bad things to happen to her character just to be done with the teenage angst, seemingly wedged in to cater to a younger demographic.  And then, it too ended in a most unbelievable manner, as Brody was able to attend a meeting within the CIA Headquarters after he killed the Vice President!  And after the CIA was still in possession of a very damning taped confession of his conversion.  But, the audience again was left wondering, did he know that device was on his vehicle – is he still a terrorist?

Now, season three starts off with Carrie and Saul under investigation and putting together a shambles of their former organization.  And, frankly, I’m disgusted with the lot of them.  Brody is stashed away in a hovel in Venezuela, and a whole episode is dedicated to showing them both trapped in prisons of their own making.

In the real world, at this point, if the CIA HQ had been destroyed . . . I can tell you the gloves, the boots, and the fingernails would start coming off!  The series is on the verge of losing me right now, because I am starting to view the angst of Carrie and Brody much like the angst of his teenage daughter.  The betrayal of Saul, and the addition of a Muslim analyst to the Agency is interesting.

But, they are running out of believable scenarios where both Carrie and Brody wouldn’t just be disappeared, in every sense of the word.  Still, I will keep watching, because I do want to know when, and if, Brody will ever face justice.  Like it or not, he killed the Vice President, at best, and at worst, he is responsible for the collapse of the entire Central Intelligence Agency.  And Carrie’s goons in the Tower of David are protecting him . . . why?  I’m starting to get fed up with the suspension of disbelief here.  How about you?

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