Ice Ice and Madison Monroe!

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Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t cooperating with us, so a big thanks to my trusty camera lady Jennifer for her quickness in getting her iPhone out to video the interview.  I apologize for the bad audio quality of the interview; it was quite loud in the room we were in and like I said, my camera crapped out on me, so the whole thing was done with the iPhone.  

I asked him how he got the role.  While Ice was in London, Adam Sandler called him up, told him about the movie, and asked him to come to Happy Madison studios (which is Sandler’s production company) to talk about the film.  Needless to say, he was very excited to be asked to be in a Sandler movie.

When I asked him what his favorite Adam Sandler movie was he said “Happy Gilmore.”  He also said “That’s My Boy” is more classic Sandler.  We agreed that Sandler’s recent movies have been more “family friendly,” while this one is definitely not!!

Ice mentioned that the soundtrack of the movie is great so I asked if any of his music is included and he said yes.  Then I asked him how it feels to know that his music is used in a lot of movies and that it’s basically timeless now.  “That is pretty cool.”

I finished off the brief chat with this zinger, what was he most looking forward to seeing this summer:  “The Amazing Spider-Man” or “The Dark Knight Rises?”  Turns out he is a big Marvel fan, but he will definitely be at both movies!

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