A Haunted House – in South Beach?!?

That's me - Madison Monroe with Marlon!When the opportunity to interview Marlon Wayans was presented to me, there was no question that I would do it.  He’s one of the stars of “White Chicks”, which I LOVE!!

So on a sunny and hot Wednesday before Christmas, my assistant and I trekked to the W hotel in South Beach for the interview.  We had screened “A Haunted House” the previous week and it was incredibly funny.  We arrived shortly before check-in but, as I learned, press junkets are never on time.  Needless to say, we waited about an hour and a half before the round table began.  I had my trusty iPad and the production notes from the film to keep me occupied, and there was plenty of food and drink for us to enjoy.

Finally it was time!!  My assistant, three other members of the press, and I were escorted into a room with very bright, hot lights and there he was:  Marlon Wayans!!  I mentioned that the lights were hot and he agreed.  Marlon was very friendly, walking around hugging everyone hello.  I was glad that he was really cool and not douchey or snobby at all.

We were told we only had 10 minutes for the round table interview, so we took turns asking questions while I recorded everything.  Of course, I had to mention my love of “White Chicks” and we talked about that for a few.

Enjoy listening to the audio of the round table interview.  Note that we did have to edit it to remove spoilers.  And go see “A Haunted House” in theaters January 11th!!!  I give it two snaps and a circle!

Click each question below for the audio answer, and be prepared to laugh!!

Where did the idea come up for “A Haunted House?”


Have you seen Paranormal Activity 3 or 4 yet?


“White Chicks 2” in the works?


What do you like doing better parody movies or non-parody movies?


Good movies are basically scatological jokes told in a smart way.


What do you like better, writing, producing, or acting?


How do you think you have progressed as a film-maker?


It’s pronounced “Titties” (listen to the WHOLE clip)

I really hope you enjoyed listening to each of these clips as much as I enjoyed meeting Marlon.  And, not for nothing, but I watched him on New Years and when he said he was “in charge” of White Chicks, it made a special New Years that much better.

Thank you, Marlon, it was great meeting you, and much success in your scatological adventures!

Madison Monroe


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