Franklin & Bash sit-down with Limacher in Chicago

Take two – for season two of Franklin & Bash

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Much like the lost Watergate tapes, our first interview with MPG and Bane, I mean, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer will forever remain sealed.  But, thankfully, the evil furies of entertainment steered clear this time to let us bring you this uncensored, raw, footage.  Now, I know what you are thinking, wait, your site is called iratefilms, not iratetv or series or whatever.  And, oh yeah, why is it iratefilms, are you angry all the time?  Don’t ask me, our humble creator, Max Hope, not God in this case, coined the name.  It is catchy, it works online, live with it.  Anyway, if someone contacted you and said, oh hey, want to interview Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in some swanky hotel in Chicago . . . would you be like, uhm, sorry, we only rate films?  Yea, we didn’t say that either, we said, sign us the hell up!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar @MPG: Hello!

Breckin Meyer @BreckinMeyer: Hi!

David Limacher @Limacher78: Seems as if you guys still have the friendship and chemistry as you did last year.

BM: I’m sick of this fuckin’ guy! I mean we go on vacation and shit, hang out, play golf! We do too much together!

MPG: Yeah, my fiancée thinks we might spend too much time together! She’s getting jealous.

BM: Oh, she loves me, and I love her! BUT, if gay marriage was legal, you know we’d be hitched right now.

DL: Civil Unions are legal in Illinois!

BM: PERFECT! We can get married while we’re here!

MPG: I believe we could!

BM: That means New York and here we can do this! Sorry, go ahead.

DL: Alright, I wanted to start off by asking Breckin is this your pre “The Dark Knight Rises” as you said you are portraying Bane.


MPG: You’re NOT Bane, more like Pain!

BM: Fuck YOU, I am Bane! (Laughs)

DL: Breckin, I also don’t want you to choke to death like you did the last time.

BM: Did I choke the last time?

MPG: Yeah, I remember vaguely… Didn’t I say “Die, die, Fucking DIE!”

DL: You DID!

BM: You would you Bastard.

MPG: C’mon, you sneeze in an interview and I tell you Die!

BM: That’s true, you do.

MPG: You know I don’t want you to die, I’d miss you too much! If you did die I’d be screaming NO NO NO, WHY?!!? What happened in Season Three of Franklin and Bash, oh Bash Died!

DL: That would not be a good thing for Season three, but let’s start off with Season Two. I really enjoyed Season One and multiple people also thanked me for telling them about the show.

BM: That’s awesome.

MPG: It’s a fun show, and we’re glad you told people about the show.

DL: It’s a great show that really draws in interest. Now, in the first episode of Season Two you are presented with a rare and awesome opportunity.

BM: Yeah, that was a fun way to kick it off.

MPG: Yeah, we become equity partners at the firm.

DL: The season also starts off with some interesting guest stars as well.

BM: Yeah, Martin Mull, who we only got for a day, and Kevin Nealon.

MPG: Yeah, we wanted Martin for longer but we only got him for that day, but we’re hopeful he’ll come back.

BM: Yeah, we also have a few more special guests coming on the show, we’ll let those be a surprise for the viewers though.

DL: Speaking of special guests, Tommy Chong was on last season as well.

BM: He was, and we didn’t even get to do a scene with him.

MPG: We heard he was an awesome guy and we really wanted to work with him too.

BM: We were on the other side of the stage doing another scene the whole time he was working. WE didn’t even get to really talk to him, hang out, get high with him.

MPG: The one thing we ask is if you’re a guest on the show, just know your lines and come to work.

BM: Yeah, the show is fun, and you’ll have a GREAT TIME, you just need to be ready to work is all.

DL: Excellent! Now what else can we expect from Season Two?

[ – – – At this point my phone unexpectedly went off screaming “WHERE THE (BLEEP) ARE MY HARD BOILED EGGS?” – – – ]

DL: Sorry about that!

BM: That was unexpected (laughs)

MPG: Brings up an interesting question, where the fuck ARE your hard boiled eggs?

DL: They’re LOST! Back to my previous question, what can we expect from Season Two?

BM: Well, we get a flashback episode.

MPG: Yeah, we get to see Franklin and Bash as kids growing up and shit.

BM: We also get the back story on why we were hired by the firm in the first place.

MPG: Yeah, Malcolm McDowell’s character had ulterior motives for bringing us in. He’s not a “bad” guy, he just wasn’t honest with us from the beginning.

DL: Excellent.

BM: It’s a good season!

MPG I like to think it’s better than the first, so we hope more people tune in.

DL: Well, last year you were the lead in for the now cancelled “Men of a Certain Age”.

BM: YEAH, and now we have a lead in with “Rizzoli and Isles”.

MPG: It also means a lot to us that TNT took one of their highest rated shows and used it as our lead in to help us get higher ratings as well. I really hope it works.

DL: Now Breckin, you also have a new show on TBS.

BM: YES, Men at Work!

DL: Are you good friends with Ted Turner or something?

BM: Ted and I are EXTREMELY Tight. We’re BFF’s! Actually, Turner Networks do a great job with promotion and just a great group of people to work for. I told Danny (star of Men at Work) that when you do this, you’ll NEVER want to work with another network again. They’re that awesome!

MPG: Yeah yeah yeah… Robot Chicken Bitch! (laughs)

BM: Hey, that show is AWESOME and you know it! (laughs)

DL: Now Mark-Paul, MTV2 is running Saved by the Bell now too!

MPG: Are they? I knew it was on TBS for the longest time, but I didn’t know it was now on MTV2!

BM: Is there even any M in MTV anymore? There’s not is there?

DL: There is, it’s Morris TV!

MPG: HA!!! Yeah, that works!

BM: Wait, What? What did I miss? Morris TV?

MPG: Zack Morris, Morris TV!!! Come on shithead!

BM: OH YEAH!!!! Damn, that’s good!

DL: I have my quick wit working for me sometimes.

BM: YOU DO! Damn, that went over my head at first! That was funny.

DL: Well gentlemen, our time is up, but I wanted to thank you again and I hope we can do this again for Season Three!

BM: This was fun again, and we will hopefully be able to talk again for Season Three of Franklin and Bash!

MPG: Season Three would be great, and it would be great to be interviewed again!

Click the image below for the RAW audio, as in completely unedited, complete with a reminder to deliver the hard boiled eggs.  I apologize for the constant knocking; Chatty Cathy was under their table.  Oh yea, our site is Rated-R, so ya been warned.

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