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Hi, my name is Madison Monroe and I love movies.

Movies are wonderful.  They are a great way to escape real-life.  I have about 300 DVDs in my collection.  I like musicals, comedies, action/adventure, sci-fi, dramas, pretty much all kinds of movies.  I’m excited to be reviewing movies for and look forward to hearing any and all comments about my reviews.

When I was growing up, my family used to watch movies together all the time.  One of our favorite series of movies was the “Back to the Future” trilogy.  We used to watch all three movies back to back and have what we called “Future Marathons”.  It was so fun!!  And it’s thanks to these movies that I have an incredible understanding of time travel.

I’m always wondering about things like “how did they do that?” or “why did that happen that way?”.  I remember when I was very young (probably 4 years old) and I asked my dad why Luke Skywalker’s hand didn’t bleed when Darth Vader chopped it off.  He explained that the light saber was a laser and that it cauterized the blood vessels, meaning that it burned the ends so that they didn’t bleed.  (My daddy knows everything!!)  Pretty heavy stuff for a 4 year old but then I am an inquisitive girl!!

I remember another time when I was a child, when my mom took me to see Disney’s “Cinderella” in the theatre, and at the end of the movie I started to cry.  I think it was because I had drank all my Sprite (and back then we weren’t allowed to drink soda much, only on special occasions) but it could have been partially because of the happy ending.  If only life had happy endings like in the movies!!

These are a few of my favorite things:  (And, click here for my super fabulous blog!)


1)    The “Star Wars” series
2)    The “Harry Potter” series
(BIG HP fan.  I love the books and I can’t wait to see the next movie)
3)    “Fight Club” – this movie is awesome
4)    “Spaceballs” – I can watch this movie over and over.
5)     “The Sound of Music” – this is a classic
6)    “Ocean’s Eleven” (the remake) – brilliant!!!  What an amazing cast


1)    Edward Norton
2)    Leonardo DiCaprio

Movie Soundtracks

1)    “Hairspray”
2)    “Chicago”
3)    “The Sound of Music”

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