Meet the Deedles

This wonderfully funny movie stars a young Paul Walker as Phil Deedle and Steve Van Wormer as Stew Deedle, two surfers, living in Hawaii with their father. The movie starts out with their friends kidnapping them for some fun on their eighteenth birthday. They eventually get caught by “Captain Hooky”, the school patroller who turns them over to their father, Elton Deedle, played by Eric Braeden (also known as Victor Newman from the Young and the Restless). Their father is disappointed in them and wants them to grow up, so he decides to send them to Camp Broken Spirits near Yellowstone, in Wyoming, to become men.

When they arrive in Wyoming, their camp counselor is nothing like they expected. The camp is no more, and this nutball wants to take them into the wild for some “survival training”. Something that amused me was whenever Phil sees an animal he calls it by a cartoon name, like a deer is “Bambi” and so on.

They go through another campsite, and run into Yellowstone Ranger Recruits Mel and Mo, played by Ana Gasteyer and Megan Cavanagh respectively. Phil and Stew find the women’s clothes and put them on for warmth. They try to go back to the airport but end up literally crashing into Yellowstone. There they are mistaken for Mel and Mo, the new female recruits. When they wake up they decide to pretend to be the new recruits so they can get ranger badges and make their father proud.

They meet Lieutenant Jesse Ryan (A.J. Langer) and her step-dad Captain Douglas Pine (John Ashton). Instantly Phil takes a liking to Lt. Jesse which Captain Pine does not like. Phil and Stew quickly learn that Mel and Mo are naturalists and, keeping the farce going, they can’t eat any ‘normal’ food. The two go through some humorous situations to get some food. Their main job is to take care of a prairie dog situation going on around the park before Old Faithful’s one billionth anniversary celebration (Or as Phil says “your geyser is a geezer”).

While on the job, we learn about Frank Slater, played by the late Dennis Hopper. Slater was a Park Ranger who was banned from Yellowstone because he tried to restart an extinct geyser and it did not go well. Slater is also behind the prairie dog infestation and resulting tunnel digging.

Phil and Stew use different methods to try and stop the prairie dogs. Along the way they make a friend called Petey the P-Dog. He likes to eat red licorice. While the Deedles are trying to stop the prairie dogs, Slater’s men are trying to stop them. They even try cutting the brakes on their truck, but the Deedles turn that into an adventure.

While the Deedles are working on ways to fix the P-Dog problem, Mel and Mo arrive at Yellowstone. The truth comes out and the Deedles are about to be kicked out, but they end up saving the day for Captain Pine and are welcomed back.

They are about to get their badges and reveal their p-dog plan when there is an explosion near the geyser. The Deedles are blamed for killing “Old Faithful” and are kicked out forever. But, the evil Slater was behind the explosion, because he wants revenge against Yellowstone.

With the help of the prairie dogs, the Deedles overpower Slater and his men. They end up restoring the flow to Old Faithful and the geyser erupts again. Everyone celebrates. The Deedles get their ranger badges and make their father proud. The whole thing is “so diculous, it’s ridiculous”.

This is a great movie to watch when in need of a good laugh. There are laughs around every turn. Even a young Paul Walker is still a hot Paul Walker. Some may think this was a stupid movie, but I don’t think so – it’s a great little hidden gem in an otherwise overpopulated industry rife with crap. If anyone sets off to watch this expecting a masterpiece they’d be delusional. But, just watch this “classic” and have a good time, who knows “you may be the lucky winner”.

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