Dracula – Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers

DraculaLiving across the pond, most of our Vampires these days either sparkle or are half fairies, no I am not being mean.  I am, of course referring to Twilight and True Blood.  But one of the newest shows sky offers its viewers features Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the immortal, immortalized Count Dracula.

I didn’t have Showtime when The Tudors came out a few years back, but I did stay in for a four week marathon as it was delivered via another online movie source which I won’t mention here.

I was enthralled with many of the performances, chiefly Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill, and being immediately smitten with Natalie Dormer.  It was a real treat seeing her in Elementary for American audiences this year starring opposite another Brit done-well in the states, Jonny Lee Miller, who first caught my eye in the incredibly popular, cult classic, Hackers.

Mind you, right now only people with Sky Living HD will see this series in Autumn, and the audience might be growing even more with the unbeatable sky offers.  I am sure there will be a way for us Yanks to partake soon enough.  Here is the trailer, there is a sexual content warning, but it hardly warrants it in my humble opinion.

Dracula also features my favorite German actor, Thomas Kretschmann who will be playing the famous Van Helsing.  I think this show is going to live up to any hype bestowed upon it!  I’d love to hear what you think about Dracula, and whether or not you think this will live up to your high expectations.  And, I would like to thank Sky Living for the courtesy to share this with our readers.

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