FREE DVD – House Party 5 – Tonight’s the Night!

House Party 5Have you ever been to the most amazing house party?  You think you have?  FALSE!  Unless you were at the April 9, 1999 Torfaeus Gate 74B party in Stavanger, Norway – – – you have only dreamed of the best house party!  Yea, that was my old address in 1999 – it was too incredible and indictable to mention here.  Suffice it to say, people I never met came up to me years later and asked me if I was at “that party.”  My reply is always the same, “that was my flat.”  Then I wait for the moment they confess they “weren’t there,” but they “heard about it.”

Let’s face it, the best parties are the ones we can only share stories about with our closest friends . . . or fiends.  So, I won’t ask you to share all your tawdry wild and crazy party antics, but definitely check out this app and share it with your friends.  Maybe you will spark a wonderful memory about a party that is NSFW?  As for my party – it was legendary!

I will tell you this much, I found out just how crazy Brits are when they are pissed!

Check out the app below and share one moment from a house party you either threw or crashed:

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  1. Jasmine Rose Says:

    Never really had a wild house party, but some Christmas parties can get rowdy. There was an incident where someone nudged a table during a Jenga gam, not nice. Games can get funnier when people are drinking fun holiday drinks and don't even know what they are saying. I may be the sober one at the party, but it is really fun watching all the action go down.

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