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We all love films, or we wouldn’t be doing this, right?  So, how often do you see a request for a short film project on one of those “help us fund our film” sites and you wish, wow, this is a terrific film, I wish I could give them a million bucks just to see it made?  Well, ok, maybe that is a little bold, but what if you could give them 5,000 pounds?  (I can’t find that bleeding odd looking “L” character . . . but just imagine it is there).  Currently the exchange rate puts that at around $8,000 (hey, look, I found the odd looking “S” at least).  Anyway, you can be directly involved with granting someone a butt-load of cash, no matter what the exchange rate is or how silly they make their money symbols look.  For the record, that distinct honor has to go to the Georgian lari, which looks like three boobs . . . ok, or a flower.  It’s all in how you look at things, right?

But, regardless of what you see, you get a chance to make history with your vote, no, really, I’m being serious here – in THIS contest (at least) your vote will count for the People’s Choice Award.  Maybe you’ve heard of the 2009 previous winner of the Virgin Media Shorts film contest, Luke Snellin?  If not, seems BAFTA has heard of him and liked him enough to nominate him for their prestigious Short Film award in 2010.  Now, imagine if you had some small part in making that happen?  Imagine you could influence the so-called establishment by pouring in votes for your favorite submission?  Well, stop imagining, and start doing.  Plenty of people sit around all day imagining how they could change the world, film-makers don’t share that problem.

So, get on your favorite social media bandwagon and spread the word for your favorite.  It’s really simple, use the #VMShortsVote hasher or vote with your Virgin Mobile iPhone/iPad app today and let the people’s voice be heard – YOUR voice. If you are on FB – click here for a link to Virgin Media’s official contest page!

Check out the brief teaser video below and be taken to all of the wonderful submissions.  And, be part of something imagined!

This post was sponsored by Virgin Media.

Oh, and since you asked, here is what the Georgian lari looks like (at least according to Wikipedia) . . . I see three boobs:

Yea, I know, Rorschach would have some words for me, but I am pretty sure he is dead. So, I win! The question is, who will YOU pick to win?

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