Would you survive “The Purge?”

In a time when America is rife with crime and overcrowded prisons, the country has voted to allow a twelve-hour hiatus on all emergency services.  Calling the police or hospitals will do you no good, and there are also no repercussions for anything that happens during “The Purge.”

Maybe you think you are safe – maybe you are the ones we need to be most concerned about.  Either way, we at iratefilms would like to know where you stand.

You could win this gift set . . . one t-shirt and one Purge mask!

The Purge Prizes

Take a look at the app below and see how you would fare.


On opening night (June 7) head over to our Facebook fan page, or you can add your comment below right now; send me a direct email, swift@iratefilms.com or tag #SurviveTheNight on Twitter to, @rickswift or @iratefilms and share with us! But, as always you have to share to be entered to win!

Only valid U.S. mailing addresses (no APO or PO Boxes)

This post and the prize are courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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