Rating System

½ The lowest rating we can give, if terrorists forced you to watch a film or die, they would select from these films.

* If given the choice between watching this film or running a mini-marathon, you’d run the race, twice, with your socks pulled all the way up – just to avoid a remote possibility of seeing these films.

*½ Not the worst film on the planet, but certainly better things you could be doing with your limited time ON the planet than wasting it watching these films.

** Getting warmer, this film is almost worth seeing, some of the acting in it probably saved a terrible script, or the script saved terrible acting. Might be good for a lazy Sunday renter (after football season of course).

**½ A decent film, worth shelling out at least half of the price of the ticket, but still lacks that certain element to make it a really good film.  You’d probably mention a few of the scenes to your co-workers the next day, but it won’t leave a mark.

*** A good film, you won’t feel ripped off after seeing it, the acting was solid, the script was note-worthy and all-in-all you feel a relief you didn’t just waste your time or money.

***½ A very solid piece of work, no one involved should feel ashamed or hide the fact they were in these films.  Probably some stand-out acting or cinematography with a script that makes you think.

**** Excellent piece of work, not only will you be thrilled you saw this film, you will pester your friends about it for weeks until they finally go and see it.  Noteworthy performances and tremendous effort applied by all cast-members and crew.

****½ Stellar performances, superb writing, film-school students will be sending nods to this piece for decades. Congratulations, you are a better person for having seen these films.

***** Perfect!  Snobs and couch-potatoes everywhere will agree, this film earned the mark of flawless.

****** Six Stars! Only the biggest and best films get this rating, epic movies that will be studied for generations and themes that challenge your intellect and soul fall into this almost non-existent category.

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