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“White people are crazy.”

Swift shot:  This one falls into a small category of parodic dramedy, with a slight social message about values and what it means to be a good person.  Plus it stars Daredevil’s wife (aka Electra), with Wolverine set against a butter sculpting competition.

What can easily be said about Butter is that it is most definitely not for every persuasion, it yearns to mock God-fearing folks and pits them against a not so subtle anti-thesis in the form of a little abandoned black girl with a wonderfully sharp wit and an overly cynical outlook on life given her age.  Still, when you literally live out of a suitcase and are faced with the worst of the worst to raise you, who can blame her?

Yara Shahidi simply owns the role of Destiny, her every move on screen was like watching all the other actors perform in a vacuum.  She steals the air, the show, and will probably melt your heart like, well, butter.  I couldn’t resist some dairy puns, can’t disappoint my fans.

Yara was a potential superstar to watch, with an evenly impressive job at oral interpretation, or narration for the uninitiated.  While Rob Corddry as Ethan had by far my favorite role of any I have personally seen him in.  He’s done some really great, funny work.   But, most of his characters come across as buffoonish cartoons, let’s be honest.  Butter though allowed me to see that he has some real potential for more serious work, should he want to explore that avenue.

Jennifer Garner does a solid job as Laura Pickler, a woman who essentially watches her whole world implode as her husband turns to a stripper for something he isn’t getting at home.  Olivia Wilde goes buck wild as Brooke, who wants money but also wants to teach these holier-than-though paste eaters a lesson about morality.  She also gets in a heated exchange with Ashley Greene, so I know Amadarwin will be wanting to check this film out for that alone.

But, be advised, while there are some good moments on screen, it isn’t a laugh-riot, and some of the more snarky attacks may grate under your skin.  While Butter was something unique, it wasn’t anything incredible enough to warrant high praise.  Odds are it won’t make your favorite film list, but you won’t feel like you wasted anytime watching it.  Solid character acting provides necessary laughs, and the moral depravity of the supposedly moral folks drives the parody.

Butter is more than a story about sculpting a fatty food into something beautiful, it is a story about how people’s choices can sculpt others lives and it has heart and soul, plus you’ll get a few chuckles out of it.  And, being of the archetype of their ridicule myself, it wasn’t overtly hostile, personally.  And, remember folks, it’s ok to laugh at yourself from time to time.  Keeps life fresh.  See Butter if that is what you are seeking, something freakishly fresh.


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  1. Bridgett Hauert Says:

    I think maybe I have been in a vacuum, as I had not head of this film yet.
    It sounds interesting, mainly because I am in Iowa and think the butter sculpting a tad weird- although it is entertaining to think of Paula Dean loosing her sh*t and sinking her maw into a butter-cow's haunches!
    I now look forward to seeing it with realistic expectations for quirkiness, not necessarily its laugh-out-loudness

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