Crazy, Stupid, Love


“I don’t know if I should help you or euthanize you.”

The Berggren Bottom Line: Crazy, Stupid, Love is sweet, smart, and moving. It is not carefree and lighthearted. Instead, it humorously brings the viewer through the monotony and difficulties of relationships. The story weaves through this maze of the grey areas of life with intelligence and depth. It made me laugh, reflect, and want to be a better person. Truth be told, it even threw dust in my eyes a couple times. This is a great film and you should see it.

Crazy. That’s what life is.

Stupid. That’s what we can become if we aren’t vigilant in the most important areas of our lives.

Love. It all seems to converge here. If we say we love, but our actions and words do not perpetually represent this, it dies.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is not just a movie. It is a very entertaining and worthwhile message about marriage and family. Yes, this is a great date movie. But you will carry it with you home as you process your own life in light of the circumstances and outcomes it presented.

“I want a divorce.”

It begins with these words. Let’s be honest. If you aren’t a heartless robot, those are hard words to hear. Most of us today are affected by divorce on some level, and it isn’t a pleasant memory. And although it seems a heavy place to begin a story, it effectively hooks the viewer immediately. With that, the maze begins. And don’t worry, it is filled with plenty of hilarity.

Steve Carell is likeable. Is there any question of that? He is the main character in this film. Sure, I am sad he is leaving The Office, but I think it’s the right call—especially considering roles like this. He can play the sarcastic and senseless jester bringing guiltless laughs flawlessly, but he can do so much more. Somewhat similar to Dan In Real Life, Carell once again plays a lost and dull aging man that desperately needs to rediscover a passion for life. And he does it splendidly, in a different context, in a way that is both fresh and heartrending.

It was both painful and hysterical to watch Carell clumsily thrust into the singles scene as a middle-aged man trying to blend in. He resembled a bull in a China shop wearing New Balance sneakers. This is all new to him since he married his High School Sweetheart. But these are the kinds of scenes you can watch over and over and laugh like it’s new each time.

Supported by a great cast including Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei, and even Kevin Bacon. This film is a freight train of charm, insight, and wisdom traveling together with humorous momentum toward positive resolutions. And it was not predictable. In fact, there is a big reveal that I totally didn’t see coming.

Crazy, Stupid, Love was deep, moving, and refreshing and thank you Hollywood for putting a high value on marriage in this movie.

Parents: Not for kids. This is for couples. That’s it.

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  2. Amadarwin Says:

    I've been avoiding this one as another 'sappy romantic comedy,' but now I'm intrigued. Thanks!

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    Amadarwin, I'm intrigued too, I think it will be nice film, I'll watch this comedy 🙂