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After “Fast Five” comes “Furious 6”


A few months after the wild adventure that was Fast Five, our heroes are basking in the glow of their amazing heist, enjoying their wealth while spread out across the globe.  Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) are about to become parents.  Roman (Tyrese Gibson) enjoys entertaining women on his private plane.  And Dom (Vin Diesel) and Elena (Elsa Pataky) are enjoying each other – until their bliss is interrupted by Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).

Hobbs and his partner Riley (Gina Carano) have been tracking an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across twelve countries led by Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).  They are stealing parts to assemble a super-military-grade weapon that they can sell for tons of money.  Shaw and his crew drive weird-looking cars that look like go-carts but are actually pretty deadly because they are designed with a steep slope in the front that can cause a car to flip over.  One of the members of Shaw’s crew is Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).  Wait a minute, didn’t Letty die in “Fast & Furious” (the fourth installment of the series)??  Not exactly.  All is revealed in the movie, I won’t spoil it here.  Not surprisingly, Dom is shocked to see his former love alive when everyone thought she was dead.

In exchange for full pardons for the crew, Hobbs asks Dom and Brian to assemble their team of skilled drivers to help track down Shaw and his gang.   So the aforementioned characters, along with engineer Tej (Ludacris), Han (Sung Kang) and Gisele (Gal Gadot) assemble in London, which is where Shaw is suspected to hit next.

Unlike Fast Five, this was less of an Ocean’s Eleven type movie and more of an investigation.  They are trying to find Shaw and trying to protect what he is looking to steal next.

At one point it seemed that the movie was over and I thought to myself “how disappointing, this is very anti-climactic”.  However I was wrong.  The climax of the movie involves our heroes, several substantial fight sequences, a plane, and the longest landing strip ever.

During the credits, we are treated to a scene that will lead into the next movie in the franchise.  It really shows no signs of stopping!!  The scene was short and sweet, and a collective gasp went through the audience when the very well-known action star appeared on the screen, calling Dom and telling him “Dominic Toretto. You don’t know me…but you’re about to.” Fast & Furious 7 can’t come quickly enough!

If you are looking for high-octane action, amazing stunts, comedy, and high-speed twists and thrills, then Fast & Furious 6 is for you!

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  1. Jasmine Says:

    Loved this movie. Lots of action, really funny moments and hot guys, what more could you ask for. They keep getting better. That was a really long run way 🙂

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