Out of the Furnace


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We all want justice in life, but how far should we go to find it? In December 2013, Russell had to decide what was worth losing to get what he wants: justice.

Directing this 116 minute drama/thriller is Scott Cooper.

Some of the great cast was: Christian Bale as Russell Baze, Casey Affleck as Rodney Baze Jr., Woody Harrelson as Harlan DeGroat, Zoe Saldana as Lena Taylor, Sam Shepard as Gerald “Red” Baze, Willem Dafoe as John Petty, Tom Bower as Dan Dugan and Forest Whitaker as Chief Wesley Barnes.

Brothers Russell and Rodney live in a town with little to no choices for work. Russell followed in his father’s foot steps and went to work at the steel mill, while Rodney went to serve his country. Small town life isn’t for everyone, and when Rodney’s through with his tour of duty he wants more for himself than a mill job. Russell always tries to look out for his brother, but in one ill fated moment his life is changed, taking him away from everyone he loves. When Russell gets back home he tries to settle back into his life and pick up where he left off, as much as he can. While Russell was away, Rodney started down a path he may not be able to come back from. One that will lead to nothing good, with the likes of a dangerous man named Harlan waiting for him at the end of it. Now, Russell has to make a decision, risk losing everything he has left to seek justice or let the police find it for him.

This was a pretty cool movie. Bale does a great job bringing emotion to the scenes. Not to say the rest of the cast didn’t, they all did great. I’m just not a huge Bale fan so I haven’t seen a lot of his movies. So to see him preform like this was awesome, compared to his other memorable roles I’m used to seeing, like Batman.

As always, Harrelson was crazy cool to watch, and Affleck kinda surprised me. The story-line was really good, it draws you in and keeps you entertained the whole time. It runs at a good pace with a few sharp turns here and there and a nice build up to the end. It covers family looking out for one another, and just how quickly things can change. It was just an average Joe movie, no feats of super heroics, or super fast car chases. An average guy that was scared, mad and hurting. Trying to find some justice, and the play-through matched perfectly. Overall, it’s well worth the money and time to go see.

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