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Who doesn’t want more, or to be better off? In August 2013, Adam wanted both, until he realized the price was too high.

Directing this 106 minute drama/thriller is Robert Luketic.

Filling in some talented cast spots are: Liam Hemsworth as Adam Cassidy, Gary Oldman as Nicolas Wyatt, Harrison Ford as Jock Goddard, Amber Heard as Emma Jennings, Embeth Davidtz as Dr. Judith Bolton, Julian McMahon as Miles Meechum, Lucas Till as Kevin, Richard Dreyfuss as Frank Cassidy and Josh Holloway as Agent Gamble.

After a bad decision, Adam finds himself with his back against the wall, and without a lot of options. Adam is pushed into a position to help corporate tech giant, Wyatt, win his battle for supremacy against his long time rival, Goddard. The longer their game goes on the more tangled the web of lies gets. Soon, Adam realizes he’s just another pawn in their game. Adam must figure out a way to free himself from the grip of both the giants using the rules of the games they showed him how to play.

If you have to spend an hour and some change watching two big name stars fight for power, who better than Ford and Oldman? Both stars did a great job showcasing their rivalry and building the tension. The story was really good, and had a great play-through, for the most part. It had some special effects that help make everything look cool and high-techish in scenes. The cast did a great job, and it kept my attention the entire time. I do feel like it went on a little longer than it should have. Otherwise, great entertainment and worth the watch.

Four stars for reminding me money only brings problems.

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