The Hangover Part II

See what OUR Wolfpack had to say about THE Wolfpack!

Limacher's Review Sergio Diaz' Review Jason Berggren's Review Rick Swift's Review

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4 Responses to “The Hangover Part II”

  1. I Rate Films » Blog Archive Kung Fu Panda 2 Says:

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  2. RickSwift Says:

    So, this film had me wondering, what kind of "Hangover" type adventures have you gotten yourself into and out of in life? Anything you'd like to share with us? Also, does anyone else remember the Simpsons Vegas episode, years before The Hangover? I sure do; now I know where they got the "formula" from.

  3. Bobby V Says:

    I agree with Rick's review almost 100% of the way, but I would knock it down another star because it was too much of a clone. They really pushed the envelope, and the shock value was definitely high, and worked for some real laughs. I just saw all the clues that the wolfpack might have missed as it went along.

  4. Kratos Says:

    It had a few funny moments but not that much just trying to keep the sequel $$$ engine going….