The Other Woman


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Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) has a fabulous life. She lives in a posh apartment in New York City, is a successful attorney, and has a new love, Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Unfortunately Mark is married, a fact that he conveniently “forgets” to tell Carly. When Mark cancels plans to meet Carly’s father Frank (Don Johnson), they have their first fight. Frank convinces Carly to go make up with Mark, so Carly goes to his house in Connecticut, where she meets Mark’s wife, Kate (Leslie Mann). Awkward!! Carly thinks quickly, makes up a story, and escapes as quickly as she can.

Too bad Kate plays Nancy Drew and tracks Carly down. She confronts her at her office and accuses her of being her husband’s mistress. However, since Carly doesn’t know Mark was married, she takes offense to being called a mistress and tells Kate to leave. Kate doesn’t give up easily though, and she basically forces herself into Carly’s life. Carly tells Kate she wants nothing to do with Mark anymore, but the girls form a weird kind of friendship.

Soon, Kate overhears Mark on the phone and gets suspicious. Carly swears she’s had nothing to do with Mark lately, so the duo decide to follow Mark when he leaves for his next “business trip.” There they meet Amber (Kate Upton). Amber is everything Kate and Carly aren’t – young, with perfect body, and, let’s call it, gullible. Mark told her that he was in the midst of divorcing Kate, but she knew nothing about Carly. However, once she meets Kate and Carly, it doesn’t take much to convince her to join “The Other Woman” club (see what I did there??)

So, the oddest trio of friends decide to team up and get revenge on Mark. The things they do to this man, oh my!! But Mark is no prince, and he deserves what he gets. Especially what happens at the end!!

Leslie Mann gave a fantastic performance as slightly manic Kate. She really had a lot of funny lines and played really well against Cameron Diaz, who was sparkling, as always. Kate Upton and her two jiggly breasts did their best, but acting doesn’t really seem to be her thing. She did a decent job though. Nicki Minaj played Carly’s admin assistant, and I was shocked to see her looking…well, normal!! She looked pretty, but her acting was, sadly, sub-par. Taylor Kinney as Phil, Kate’s brother, was a nice counter to douchebag Mark’s character. He was sweet and friendly to the girls, especially Carly. And playing the scumbag Mark, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did a fine job. It was nice to see him with two hands for a change!

I know a lot of people are calling this movie sexist and stupid. Well newsflash – sometimes, it’s just plain fun to get lost in a silly movie. That’s what this was. Not every movie is an Oscar nominee. In fact, there are a lot of Oscar nominated movies that I have no desire to watch, ever. I would rather see The Other Woman again instead of some other “critically acclaimed” films.

Overall, this is a great chick flick movie, and way better than what you would find on Lifetime.

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  1. Jamisne Says:

    Great review. Really funny movie. Loved the character of Kate. She was so weird in a funny way. And it was nice to see Taylor Kinney on the big screen. One of the funniest moments was towards the end.
    Remember to "cry on the inside like a winner".

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