The Purge


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The Purge


Twelve hours of lawless freedom to release your inner beast, sounds great right? In June 2013, we get some insight on just how great it really would be.

Directing this 85 minute horror/sci-fi/thriller is James De Monaco.

The cast releasing the beast in this film is: Ethan Hawke as James Sandin, Lena Headey as Mary Sandin, Adelaide Kane as Zoey Sandin, Max Burkholder as Charlie Sandin, Edwin Hodge as Bloody Stranger and Rhys Wakefield as Polite Stranger.

The movie is set in the future where crime and poverty are at an all time high. The New Founding Fathers of America solved the problem with the purge. For twelve hours once a year, you can get rid of all the negative feelings (hate, anger & etc.). During the purge, even murder is legal. Only rules: You can’t use weapons past a certain Class and level 10 government officials are off limits. Not wishing to take part, James and his family just want to settle in for the night and let the purge pass, but when a wounded stranger is let into their home, things change. A purge group wants the stranger back or else. Now James must figure out how to survive both the group, and the lasting effects this night will leave on all of them.

Where many in this new dystopian society see the purge as a blessing, the less fortunate see this night as the nightmare it is, a government sanctioned thinning of the herd. This flick is such a possibility of reality, it’s a good fit for the horror genre. Even more so as we see that, even in the future, as long as it doesn’t effect you negatively, it must not be that bad of a thing, just look at the positives. This isn’t some hack ‘n’ slash horror movie but the storyline is pretty scary. Yet again, Ethan Hawke did a great job, along with the rest of the cast. Things can get boring when you cram almost a whole movie into one set location (like here in the house), but between the script, cast and action the play-through is smooth. I did wish it was longer. Some points could have been explored a little deeper. Overall I really enjoyed this thought provoking flick.

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  1. H-Man Says:

    Interesting, provocative premise… mediocre execution. Ethan Hawke's character came off as such an unlikable ass clown that it was hard for me to get invested in what was happening to him or his family, and…


    …the reason for the neighbors turning against Hawke's family made no sense whatsoever. They were angry because he made money selling a top of the line security system to them, and he "rubbed it in their faces" by adding a new wing to his house. Sorry, but it's not like he conned them out of their money. It's not like he tricked them into investing in a pyramid scheme. He was offering a service that they wanted and were willing to pay for, and they paid him for it when his services were rendered. It's called business, folks. Again, that plot turn and the reasoning behind it made no Goddamn sense… and now that I dwell on it, the whole film is filled with that kind of illogical writing.

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