We’re the Millers


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We' re the Millers

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a professional pot dealer.  He has many clients, and he sells only the best stuff.  His business is home-based, and he is pretty content with his life.  However, this professional pot dealer has a soft side.  He’s sociable with Will Poulter (Kenny Rossmore) the lonely 18-year old boy who lives downstairs from him.  When David and Will see a group of guys harassing a homeless girl, Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts), they come to the rescue.  Unfortunately, his good deed backfires on him when the harassing guys rob him of all his money and his product.  Double unfortunate, he owes his boss Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) a lot of money.  To settle the debt, Brad gives him a job – bring back “just a smidge” of product from Mexico, and the debt will be forgiven.

David doesn’t know how to complete this monumental task without getting caught…until he notices a lost family in their RV getting help from a polite and friendly police officer.  Bingo – he needs to assemble people into a fake family, rent an RV, and travel from Mexico across the border with his bounty.  In addition to Will and Casey, he recruits Rose O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper who lives down the hall from David.  David and Rose do not get along, so it’s not all peaches and cream for this “family.”

Once they arrive in Mexico, they obtain their loot and head back across the border to their final destination, Denver, in an RV chock-full of marijuana (apparently, this is “just a smidge” to Brad).  Of course, nothing goes their way, and they hit various obstacles all along the way, including one super-friendly, super-repressed couple, Don and Edie Fitzgerald (Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn) and their daughter Melissa (Molly Quinn).

When they are forced to spend a night camping with the Fitzgeralds, some crazy stuff happens, some of it involving Edie and Rose, some of it involving David and Don, and hilarity ensues when Casey offers to help Will practice kissing, which Rose soon joins in on as David watches.  Yeah, that happens.

Along the way, someone ends up in the hospital after a particularly gruesome spider bite in a VERY uncomfortable area, the “family” is chased by a notorious drug lord, and Rose shows off her stuff to get the family out of a jam.  Since I always see Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on “Friends”, her stripper scenes did nothing for me but others may enjoy.

Overall “We’re the Millers” was sometimes predictable, sometimes original, and always outrageous.  Although it was quite funny and humorous complications ensued, I thought the film went on a bit too long.  With a running time of nearly two hours, it was long for a comedy.  Even though it was a story of a family, this movie is NOT family-friendly.  Leave the kids at home for this one.  Be sure to stick around before and during the credits for some outtakes.  One in particular was delightful and a real blast from the past!!

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