Rick Swift – Editor in Chief

Renaissance Man – Born in Fort Lauderdale, former choirboy, former violinist, former United States Marine Sergeant, former NATO J2X operative, and current film critic.  Swift holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a Psych Minor from Flagler College and lived in Norway for three years while assigned to NATO, what he calls his “can’t get back, golden years”.

With such a diverse background, Rick Swift likes to tackle different challenges head on and enjoys the opportunity to share his thoughts and opinions on several topics – especially films.  If you ever meet Swift, you can guarantee he will be quoting some movie, or perhaps a Seinfeld episode here or there.

Swift lists his favorite movies as any of the original Star Wars films, with Revenge of the Sith tacked on for good measure, Red Dawn, Saving Private Ryan, and Seven for shock value alone.  Swift describes the most traumatic film he saw growing up as Star Trek II the Wrath of Kahn, claiming “I actually ran out of the theater during the worms in ears torture scene.” His favorite film composers are John Williams and Basil Poledouris, whose Conan the Barbarian theme music he still trusts to inspire him during life’s occasional challenges.

You want to contact Rick, here is his twitter: @rickswift

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  1. Halloween Scream List 2011 - South Florida Movie Reviews by I Rate Films Says:

    […] Rick Swift, hey, that’s me!  I wasn’t sure if this list should be movies that scared us, or movies that were simply good to curl up with on All Hallow’s Eve.  My tradition as a kid was to Trick ‘R Treat then come home and watch Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, loved that film, loved everything about it really.  But, this assignment became mostly about what film scared you or so it would seem.  In that light, only a few films have made me lose any sleep, the foremost film to pull that off is still The Exorcist III – A chilling mix of man’s evil towards man, with a demon as the puppet-master, and how that film starts is so warped it still bothers me . . . plus, watching that little old lady crawl across the ceiling like a cockroach . . . well, that is still something I have to remove from my mind’s eye before I rack out, and I am an old fart with real problems now.  Imagined problems shouldn’t cause me any lost z’s these days. […]