Sergio Diaz – Writer

Sergio Diaz was created approximately 9 months before February 24th, 1987. Raised on nothing but books and video games, Sergio developed into your classic “Geek”.  Further along, still fueled by video game vigor, he discovered anime…. Here is when he first got an appreciation for the arts. He became obsessed with character development, colors used for a reason, and reading into strangely emphasized words. This genre, and anything falling under it, was Sergio’s new and current home.

His taste in movies resides more in the realm of Horror. His cousin used to come over to watch at least one horror movie a day, whichever one, when ever we could help it. Sergio much rather watch eye’s torn out of their sockets than wonder who really did get  the cheating (bitch) pregnant. Drama is not for him. He firmly believes movies are for experiencing what you wouldn’t in normal life.

His favorite movie seemed to just pop out of nowhere. It is actually Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It is pretty much the culmination of his life. The nostalgia alone he feels watching it is enough to make a Mafia Don cry himself to sleep in a pink frill Barbie dress. The worst movie Sergio has seen to date, despite a  hilarious “shitty” scene starring Bob Saget, proved to be Dumb and Dumberer, the sequel the very funny Dumb & Dumber. With an independent and stubborn view on life, he takes no movie criticism from anyone seriously because, who would know if he liked the movie really, other than himself.


1.       Scott  Pilgrim vs The World  ~For every reason.

2.       South Park the Movie  ~I am a huge fan of musicals.

3.       Spirited Away  ~Anime that pretty much started it all, a feature film by one of my favorite artists.

4.       Chicago  ~ A classic and an all-star, unlikely, cast.

5.       Harry Potter Series ~ The best books became the best movies in my opinion.

(Kick-Ass was fantastic as well)

The LAME 5:

1.       The Crow ~I was young and remember hating the movie.

2.       Electroma ~ Daft Punk should stick to music… I forbid them to try to make a movie again.

3.       Splice ~ I am not even going to get started on this.

4.       Nine ~ The musical, bleh

5.       Chuckie (any) ~ Anyone who found this scary, just had mean siblings or parents!

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