The Alphabet Killer

Swift shot: Ever find yourself obsessed with a puzzle?  Ever see ghosts?  Unlike Edge of Darkness, this film actually accurately portrays the gradual descent into schizophrenia, as Police Detective Megan Paige (Eliza Dushku) pursues an elusive serial killer.  What immediately attracted me to this film though was the famous, BOATS (Based on a true story) label, Dushku was the second.

Anyway, The Alphabet Killer is your typical Sunday morning whodunit, and thanks to my dad’s whodunit formula, I figured it out the first time I saw the killer’s name in the cast, but . . . still it was fun to watch.  Dushku really pulled off the whole, holy shit, am I losing my mind, or am I seeing dead kids scenes, and hot looks aside, Eliza is a fine physical actor.  She uses all elements of her corporeal existence to deliver her angst through her character.

Cary Elwes was in this too, but I was underwhelmed by most of his performance, I kept either waiting for him to bust into song, say as you wish, or hack off his foot, granted, he did get to kiss the girl, heh. Michael Ironsides and Timothy Hutton have cameos as well, but Dushku really leads the film with her crazed performance.

On the terror side, the supernatural scenes are ethereal yet somehow come across as very believable.  Just because our disturbed heroine is the only one who sees the apparitions, doesn’t mean they aren’t really there . . .

So, why was this one Bin Booty?  It wasn’t as good as Mystic River, but it didn’t suck either, it was a solid C+, average yet interesting enough to keep your attention throughout.  And, yes, I am sure everyone knows Dushku gets nude in this film by now, so I won’t be touching any new skin with that, but I will say unlike a lot of Hollywood nudity, this had a more European tone, wherein you actually believe the character would be nekkid.  And, as a result, it doesn’t seem forced or tacked on just to attract horn-dogs like me.

There is one scene in particular that I really enjoyed, as Detective Paige is being relentlessly stalked by the first victim’s ghost – she is pleading for her to just be able to sleep, just to be released from the torment of not knowing.  Makes me wish all detectives were haunted by the ghosts of the victims of unsolved cases, can you imagine the crime-solve rate if you were that tormented by the victim?  In your face, constantly, shrieking at you with no words – FIND MY KILLER!  So, get to it, rent this one, or hell, shell out five bucks and add it to your collection, I watched it, sick in bed, and I didn’t pass out or wretch.

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