The Crew

Max Hope – iRateFilms Creator

Hails from Greece, living in New York now, starting up and is turning into a well-known Director of Photography in the greater Manhattan area.

Max’ favorite films are Oldboy, Pulp Fiction, and Goodfellas “because each film marks a change, not only in my life after seeing each, but a change in the film industry itself.”

Rick Swift – Editor

Renaissance Man – Born in Fort Lauderdale, former choirboy, former violinist, former United States Marine Sergeant, former NATO J2X operative, and current film critic.  Swift holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a Psych Minor from Flagler College and lived in Norway for three years while assigned to NATO, what he calls his “can’t get back, golden years”.

With such a diverse background, Rick Swift likes to tackle different challenges head on and enjoys the opportunity to share his thoughts and opinions on several topics – especially films.  If you ever meet Swift, you can guarantee he will be quoting some movie, or perhaps a Seinfeld episode here or there.

Swift lists his favorite movies as any of the original Star Wars films, with Revenge of the Sith tacked on for good measure, Red Dawn, Saving Private Ryan, and Seven for shock value alone.  Swift describes the most traumatic film he saw growing up as Star Trek II the Wrath of Kahn, claiming “I actually ran out of the theater during the worms in ears torture scene.” His favorite film composers are John Williams and Basil Poledouris, whose Conan the Barbarian theme music he still trusts to inspire him during life’s occasional challenges.

Amadarwin – Tech Troll


H-Man – Web Contributor & “The Bin” Specialist

Was born in Omaha, Nebraska during the fifth month of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency. Currently divides his time between Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Vacations in such tourist traps as Beirut, Lebanon; Islamabad, Pakistan; and Dover, Delaware.

Hobbies include reading, writing, filmmaking, drinking, smoking, masturbating, breaking things with sledge hammers, shooting at skateboarders with BB guns, cussing out old ladies and young children, and torturing small animals.

Favorite film is “Blue Velvet”. Least favorite film is “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation”, followed closely by “House of the Dead“. Enjoys drugs, alcohol, and sex with women. Once slept for 28 hours straight.

Has met: Alexander Payne, Javier Bardem, David Cronenberg, Roger Ebert, Salma Hayek, Michael Badalucco, Lloyd Kaufman, and H.G. Lewis. Wants to meet: Eliza Dushku, Eva Green, Briana Evigan, Uma Thurman, Kevin Smith, Gordon Ramsey, and David Lynch.

Votes Libertarian, always. Thinks Keith Olbermann is a fucking arrogant ass turd. Thinks Bill O’Reilly is not much better. Wished he learned how to play a musical instrument as a child, instead of wasting hours upon hours on Nintendo.

Loves ripping into shitty movies and needs to use men’s room…

Aceman – Web Contributor

Aceman was born in Cuba, grew up in Connecticut, went to school in Texas, and now lives in Florida, saying “I think its some kind of law that all Cuban-Americans have to live in Florida at some point in their lives.”

“The first movie I remember seeing on the big screen was Disney’s The Swiss Family Robinson at the Danbury Drive-In in Danbury, CT. For those of you who were not around prior to video tape, Disney used to re-release their movies every few years to indoctrinate every generation of children into their cult, -er, I mean to give every generation an opportunity to see their classic movies.

Since I was a kid, I have loved movies. I was 11 years old when Star Wars came out, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever! Of course, my tastes have grown, although I still love Star Wars. As an adult, the process of creating a movie has fascinated me as well, which is why I loved it when DVDs started including such inside information. Now I get to share my opinions with you. To paraphrase John Cusack in “Hi Fidelity” who we are is basically what we like, let me tell you who I am with difficulty as I narrow down my favorites to only 5″

Top 5 Favorite movies:
1. Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
2. The Apartment (1960)
3. Captains Courageous (1937)
4. The Professional (1994)
5. Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Top 5 Favorite Actors/Actresses
1. Steve McQueen
2. Spencer Tracy
3. Robert DeNiro
4. Barbara Stanwyck
5. John Cusack

Top 5 Favorite Directors
1. Frank Capra
2. Steven Spielberg
3. Martin Scorsese
4. John Ford
5. Quentin Tarantino

Doug Anderson – Web Contributor

Born in Connecticut and now lives in Boynton Beach, FL. Doug is a writer, composer and movie addict. He loves to discuss and debate about films and is known to often quote random lines from movies.

With the aspiration to one day score movies for a living, Doug has been writing and composing for films with his partners and indie Production Company Talking Ape Pictures.

Favorite films include:

* Lord of the Rings trilogy
* The Wrestler
* Lady in the Water (yes the M. Night Shyamalan film. I know what you’re thinking…)
* There Will Be Blood
* The Professional

Favorite Composers:

* James Newton Howard
* Danny Elfman
* Philip Glass

Madison and the Sith

Madison Monroe – Web Contributor

Hi, my name is Madison Monroe and I love movies.

Movies are wonderful.  They are a great way to escape real-life.  I have about 300 DVDs in my collection.  I like musicals, comedies, action/adventure, sci-fi, dramas, pretty much all kinds of movies.  I’m excited to be reviewing movies for and look forward to hearing any and all comments about my reviews.

When I was growing up, my family used to watch movies together all the time.  One of our favorite series of movies was the “Back to the Future” trilogy.  We used to watch all three movies back to back and have what we called “Future Marathons”.  It was so fun!!  And it’s thanks to these movies that I have an incredible understanding of time travel.

I’m always wondering about things like “how did they do that?” or “why did that happen that way?”.  I remember when I was very young (probably 4 years old) and I asked my dad why Luke Skywalker’s hand didn’t bleed when Darth Vader chopped it off.  He explained that the light saber was a laser and that it cauterized the blood vessels, meaning that it burned the ends so that they didn’t bleed.  (My daddy knows everything!!)  Pretty heavy stuff for a 4 year old but then I am an inquisitive girl!!

I remember another time when I was a child, when my mom took me to see Disney’s “Cinderella” in the theatre, and at the end of the movie I started to cry.  I think it was because I had drank all my Sprite (and back then we weren’t allowed to drink soda much, only on special occasions) but it could have been partially because of the happy ending.  If only life had happy endings like in the movies!!

These are a few of my favorite things:


1)    The “Star Wars” series
2)    The “Harry Potter” series
(BIG HP fan.  I love the books and I can’t wait to see the next movie)
3)    “Fight Club” – this movie is awesome
4)    “Spaceballs” – I can watch this movie over and over.
5)     “The Sound of Music” – this is a classic
6)    “Ocean’s Eleven” (the remake) – brilliant!!!  What an amazing cast


1)    Edward Norton
2)    Leonardo DiCaprio

Movie Soundtracks

1)    “Hairspray”
2)    “Chicago”
3)    “The Sound of Music”


Ck – Web Contributor

Rating films comes as no stranger to ck. He’s been a professional screenwriter for the better part of a decade. He learned his craft by obtaining a Master’s in Screenwriting at UCLA. His writing career started off in copywriting, and then he slowly worked his way into writing commercials/infomercials, music videos, then rewriting/writing original features along with adapting novels. He’s had the honor to work on films such as: Rush Hour series, Pitch Black, After the Sunset and Xmen.

I’m going to break down my rating into five specific categories: storyline, cast, overall production (good, bad, indifferent) and the bottom line (if it’s worth shelling out hard-earned dough to the theater warlords or just catch it at home).”

*Warning – “I will be much tougher on Studio productions with a budget of $80M and higher. If you have that kind of cash, your flick outta be good – no excuses, Spielberg!”

ck’s Five Favorite Films:

Cinema Paradisamo   – Best Foreign Film  *the Italian subtitles won’t bother you

Breakfast at Tiffany’s  – Americana at its finest

American Beauty    – Mind Blowing Story Arc

Motorcycle Diaries   – Best Directing in decades

Sideways   – Perfect Black Comedy – best written screenplay

Hot Rod  – Text Book Example of how to make a great Low-Budget Comedy

Ck’s Five Favorite Directors:

Orson Wells, Citizen KaneAhead of his time

George Lucas, Star WarsMaster of telling an epic story visually

Abel Ferrara, King of New YorkEdge, bite and a dash of insaneness

Wes Anderson, Royal TanembaumsCreative genius

Chris Nolan, The Dark KnightMaster of comic book adaptation

ck’s Five Favorite Screenwriters (Saved the best for last!):

Joe Eszterhas, Basic Instinct His books, Hollywood Animal and Devil’s

Guide to Hollywood, are a must read !

Shane Black, Lethal WeaponQuick, sharp writing at it’s finest

Alexander Payne, Sideways Elegant touch

Alan Ball, HBO’s Six-Feet Under Best character development/arcs in cable history

Charlie and Donald Kaufman, Adaptation Masters at weaving complex stories into one script

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