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The Wolfpack is back!!


It’s the end of the “Hangover” trilogy.  The first “Hangover” had the Wolfpack desperately searching Las Vegas for groom-to-be Doug before they missed the wedding.  The second “Hangover” had the Wolfpack again frantically searching for a missing person, this time it was Stu’s bride-to-be’s brother, and now it was in Thailand.  Same movie, different setting.  “Hangover III” was different, however.  It was more a continuation, and wrapping up, of the series.  While it referenced the first movie more, there were still a few nods to the second film.

The Wolfpack is reunited for the funeral of Alan’s father.  Zach Galifianakis is great as Alan, the epitome of man-childness.  He caused a major accident on the freeway when he was driving home with his new pet giraffe.  The stress of dealing with Alan (who has been off his meds for six months) attributed to Sid’s (Jeffrey Tambor) death, and afterwards the friends stage an intervention to bring Alan to a facility to get him the help he needs.  The intervention scene is quite funny.

While driving Alan to the facility in Arizona, the Wolfpack is assaulted by a group of thugs (cue Phil’s hysterical shrieking “what the fuck is going on??” which is always hilarious), led by Marshall (John Goodman) and featuring Black Doug (Mike Epps) from the first installment.  Marshall is Doug’s boss and he is angry at the Wolfpack, because they were involved with Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), who stole gold worth $20 million from him.  Marshall is not happy, and he keeps Doug (Justin Bartha) as ransom until the rest of the gang brings him Chow.  Side note:  poor Doug, he never gets to go on adventures with the rest of the boys.  Anyways, it’s up to Alan, Stu (Bradley Cooper), and Phil (Ed Helms) to track down Chow.  Oh I failed to mention, he was last seen breaking out of a prison near Bangkok (“Shawshank Redemption”-style).  Luckily Alan has insider information about Chow’s whereabouts.

I don’t want to give too much more of the plot away.  Be assured, there are many fun twists and turns, including but not limited to:  angry chickens, a slightly disgusting lollipop-sharing scene between Alan and the purveyor of a Vegas pawn shop (played by the ever-awesome Melissa McCarthy), the return of Stu’s wife (for a day) Jade (Heather Graham) and her son Tyler (aka Carlos), and a pretty bad karaoke version of Nine Inch Nails’ hit “Hurt”.

A hilarious film, on the level of the first “Hangover” movie, “Hangover III” did not disappoint.  I would recommend leaving the kids at home, as there are some inappropriate parts.  Don’t miss the beginning of the credits for a bonus scene.  Poor Stu, I thought ripping out his own tooth and getting a face tattoo were pretty bad.  Wait till you see what happens now!!

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