Homeland – the sharks are jumping

There is a phrase used in the American TV-lexicon, maybe you have heard it before, to “jump the shark.”  This is when a show has outlived its welcome and the writers are desperately trying to come up with something “fresh” or “original” and what they come up with instead is Fonzi (Henry Winkler) jumping a shark on water-skis.  Because . . . well, at that point, the because hardly matters anymore.  It’s about that time that a spin-off series is discussed and a final episode is in the works.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula – only on Sky Digital HD

Living across the pond, most of our Vampires these days either sparkle or are half fairies, no I am not being mean.  I am, of course referring to Twilight and True Blood.  But one of the newest shows sky offers its viewers features Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the immortal, immortalized Count Dracula.



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