Zoomer – Writer

Well let’s just call me Zoomer for now since my mom really doesn’t want random people to know who I really am… she’s the boss because I’m only 9 years old.

So, about me?  Well, I’m in fourth grade and I’m a little different.  Everyone keeps saying different is good, right?  I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy and I use a power wheelchair to zoom around…get it?  Zoomer?  Anyway, because I get sick a lot I spend a lot of time at home reading books, watching movies, listening to music, and playing on my iPad.  Movies and books are great because I have a big imagination and they take me to places I haven’t been before.  Some days I spend six hours straight just going through NetFlix and watching movie after movie.

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    […] I like?  I didn’t like the way the story ended but that’s just me.  And just who am I?  I am ZOOMER – nice to meet ya! likebot_bgcolor = ''; likebot_url = 'http://iratefilms.com/?p=9969'; […]